Wednesday, June 9, 2010

24 days till my next 5K

I did my first ever 5K walk/run just a few weeks ago. I had a good time. When I first signed up I had no intention's of taking the girls with me, well of course that was the Saturday hubby had to work so I had to haul both girls and the double stroller with me. I finished in just over an hour...not bad with both of them and the heavy ass stroller lol Plus Tink hasn't been feeling good (a post for another time) and started getting sick at the very end.

So I've taken the plunge and decided to do another one...this time I will be kid-free! :) This 5K helps raise money for something near and dear to my heart, The Ronald McDonald House. My plan is to blog my progress from here on out and at the end I will post before and after pictures and :gulp: weight. So wish me luck and lots of motivation! lol

What: Firecracker 5K for RMH 

When: July 3rd 2010

Distance: 3.2 miles

Goals: do it under an hour, lose 5 lbs, walk at least 4 times a week and get on Wii Fit everyday, cut back on food intake and up my water.