Tuesday, August 24, 2010

24 links on the countdown chain...

I totally revised the "Beer Bottle" song to fit our countdown chain lol I even posted it as my FB status lol My hubby thinks that it'll get annoying pretty fast, oh well!

I came across a review for the new Harry Potter world in Islands of Adventure and lets just say that if I had my choice we would've left already! I'm ready to be care-free and act goofy :) I'm ready to see Disney through my daughters'....the innocence and magic of everything opening up their minds to dream. I want to get swept away by it all too!

Living day to day with Zach's death and now Tinks illness..life gets hard! It takes a toll on this momma's heart. So the sooner we can head to the magical place the better...for all of us!  But since we do have to wait :( lets make it fun! Maybe feature a park a day? All the random facts one can find via swagbucks, tips and tricks to make the most out of your time. Sounds fun!, right?...right!

So tomorrow I will start it off with a chosen park and we'll just keep adding to it. Dont be afraid to add your own tips or tricks via comments so that in the end we have a wonderful mix of facts,trivia,tips and tricks. Who knows maybe you'll tell me about something to do or check out and I will while in the parks and use it in my reviews!

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