Monday, August 23, 2010

Its been awhile..

Life is one big ball of chaos lol But I plan to get back to blogging asap! So heres a short update on all of us

Tinkerbell started getting sick a few months ago...several options were thrown on the table and several tests were ordered. We are still waiting on the results (next week) but right now we have some nasty possibilities hanging over us...just praying, thats all we can do! On a more positive note, she started school today...she goes to a full-time preschool and LOVES it! She gets to ride the big bus to and from school...this program has been a blesing for her :)

Princess is growing up so fast. She is so different from Tink...its crazy! She starts going to "school" twice a week for 4 hours a day next week! I know shes going to love it :) I will be kidless twice a week! :O

As for me, after Tinks situation started getting more serious and the Drs office and hospital became a fequent stop for us I knew I needed to find a job that would be flexible and bring in good money. Impossible right? But its not...I did a lot of research and soul searching and decided to sign up with Mary Kay. Let me just say...BEST decision ever!!! Not only has it helped with medical bills and medications but the change thats taken place on me is breathtaking! I'm becoming more confident in myself, my skin looks and feels amazing and I'm teaching my girls some valuable life lessons!

Other than that we are in our countdown to Disney!!! I cant believe its almost time to go! Our condos are reserved, we have lunch reservations at T-Rex in Downtown Disney and our days planned out for the parks. We made a Disney Countdown Chain for Tinkerbell and each night she pulls 1 link off the chain, it helps her visualize the days left and she LOVES it!

I must say it helps me too! LOL I swear I'm like a kid all over again :)

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